Cannabis Extracts and Responsible Adult Use

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis consumption as a means of treatment isn’t all that new, actually. It’s been a thing for thousands of years. Crazy, right? Seeing how it’s come a long way, a lot has changed in how you can consume it. Here are just a few ways you can get started.

All humans are born with cannabis receptors throughout their bodies. Based on this bit of info alone, we can assume nature intended for us to get some mileage on them. In fact, since early recorded human history dating back to the neolithic period – approximately 12,000 years ago – people have been growing and utilizing cannabis for the well-being of their communities. Then Cannabis was used medicinally to relieve symptoms still plaguing individuals in this day and age: pain, inflammation, and more. There’s even evidence in China, perhaps even as far back as 4,000 BCE, that cannabis was used by medicine men and shamans to expel demons on top of a wide range of ailments. By the second century CE, cannabis was being mixed with various wines and used as a surgical anesthetic. From its initial domestication in Siberia and Mongolia, cannabis explored the world on camelback along the Silk Road, sailed across the high seas, and took root wherever it landed – it’s functional and healing properties thus permeated the world over. What’s the deal with the history lesson you ask? We’re trying to paint a picture here that cannabis and its medicinal qualities are nothing new – they’ve been celebrated for thousands of years – so it’s time to ditch the long held stigma that it’s just for lazy, degenerate individuals.

Shifting focus now, we’ll move on to the house for cannabis receptors: the endocannabinoid system. Responsible for maintaining equilibrium within an organism, it plays a vital role in virtually every organ system in the body. When used safely, effectively, and responsibly by adults, cannabis can then greatly benefit specific functions of numerous body systems as well as overall well-being.

What is the endOcannabINoid System?

Composed of CB1 and CB2 receptors, the endogenous cannabinoid (a.k.a endocannabinoid) system is a bioregulatory network responsible for maintaining homeostasis. Having the job of keeping equilibrium up, the endocannabinoid system has receptors throughout the entire body and regulates everything from liver function and metabolism, to neuronal processes, stress and anxiety. THC and the 80 or so other phytocannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors, effectively mimicking the actions of endogenous cannabinoids. But what’s the result? A wide range of physiopathological processes including pain perception, neurotransmitter release, as well as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and liver functions. This isn’t just a feel good plant, but an incredibly dense and complex catalyst that helps us on a biochemical level.


Responsible adult use is, simply, consuming marijuana under conditions conducive to a safe, pleasant and productive experience. We’ll concede that there’s a time and place where you can consume the more than recommended amount of cannabis, but the steps it takes to have a safe cannabis experience are pretty simple to follow. Just dose appropriately, use discretion, and find the best method of consumption (accounting for context or setting, choosing the right cannabis strain, and resisting abuse).

Find the right dose

For this to happen, you have to know your limits. We’ll elaborate: a dose for reducing pain or anxiety before you head out with friends might be a tad bit too much before that conference call tomorrow or even dinner with grandma. Marijuana potency and increasing variations in delivery method are at their most malleable to date, so be extra aware of how much cannabis your symptoms call for and you’ll steer clear from getting high out of your mind. Thanks to the many advancements in extraction processes, as well as handy vaporizer technology used in the likes of our PuraEarth cartridges, you’re able to ingest very precise cannabis doses, allowing patients to achieve their desired effects while limiting negative side-effects of over-consuming such as couch-lock, paranoia, and short-term memory loss.


keep it discrete

Is the coast clear from the prying eyes of children, the noses of pregnant women, and the moral sensitivities of older adults on say public golf courses? Flaunting cannabis is never a great idea, really. If you no longer live in a college dorm with lax security and big windows, perhaps your three foot bong with four chambers turned dab rig is due for a change. Your neighbor Jeff may not appreciate his 8 year old daughter asking why Mrs. Jones shoots flames at her vase from an oversized propane torch every Sunday.

No man is an island and keeping your stash out of the public’s eye while respecting the rights of those around us is key to responsible cannabis consumption. Always aim to minimize the smell and use discretion as best as you can. We believe responsible cannabis users can help change the offensive stigma associated with marijuana, so keep your weed under the radar and don’t give Jeff anything to complain about. Our Uncut cartridges, Rollerballs, and sex-lube are just a few ways you can up your discretion game, so see if switching to one of those options works out best for your specific needs.

Select the right method for you

Gone are the days where we’re limited to rolling joints and smoking pipes with flower. Though perhaps not as harmful as smoking cigarettes, smoking is smoking and carcinogens are carcinogens. They’re produced anytime you char anything, so although lighting up a joint here and there won’t kill you, over time burning flower and inhaling smoke can have negative effects on your lungs and cardiovascular system. Lucky for you, today’s technology has made us privy to an endless array of cannabis extracts, distillate, edibles and vape pens – with many of these consumption methods being offered by our line of PuraEarth products.

What’s the Occasion?

Physical and social circumstances should ultimately dictate when, where, and how much cannabis you consume. If you’re a career professional or parent who medicates on the job, you need to be in control and aware for the task at hand. Losing your job or your children over being too high or leaving your weed out in the open are easily avoidable mistakes and ones you shouldn’t take lightly – ever. Always account for where you are, what you’re doing and who is around you before partaking. For those curious of the more discrete consumption methods out there, we’ve invested time and time again in providing a wide array of options for our patients that you can easily view here.


Choosing the Right Cannabis Strain

Different cannabis strains not only look, taste and smell different from one another, but also exert varied effects and nuanced experiences. And these nuances keep growing every year, so it’s more important now than ever before to know what you need and when you need it. Take nausea, pain, or stress and anxiety for instance – there’s a certain strain meant to treat each of those symptoms better than the others.  So, some strains can alleviate anxiety, while others can exacerbate it. Starting to follow? Selecting the right strain is key to controlling your experience and bringing your body back to equilibrium.

PuraEarth distillates contain a precise blend of terpenes and cannabinoids that result in various strains developed to evoke a particular set of effects. Avoid physical and mental sedation with a sativa, so a pick-me-up puff of Durban Poison (a sativa which results in a clear-headed and stimulating high) might be your best bet. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to unwind and relax from a long day, an Indica strain is your definite go-to. Purple Kush, for example, is a heavy indica with a full body high great for sleep, pain, and stress. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now we know you’re bound to have more questions as life goes on and new creaks and pains seep in.  Always consult with a knowledgeable budtender on the best path forward.


Keeping cannabis out of children’s reach

Except in extreme circumstances like, for instance, epilepsy – where the benefits of activating a child’s endocannabinoid system outweigh the risks – cannabis should not be used in underdeveloped organisms. Cannabis use is not advisable until children’s body systems fully develop into adulthood. But just because they can’t use it, we firmly believe in a “cannabis is medicine” mindset with kids at an early age.  As with any sensitive material, keep cannabis products and paraphernalia safely tucked away from infants and children. If they do end up finding it, use it as a learning and educational experience. It should serve as a no-brainer that children should never be exposed to second-hand smoke or lingering scent, but you should also go to extreme lengths in keeping your cannabis products locked away and out of reach. If you choose to smoke while parenting, do so discreetly out of sight and dose minimally, so as not to endanger your child.

resisting cannabis abuse

Cannabis abuse can and does happen…often. But when? We believe the clearest sign is when it begins to interfere with your life. As with anything else, it’s imperative to watch out for overuse behaviors. Cannabis abuse can be characterized by the following:

  • Impediments in achievement
  • Social relationship degradation
  • Lost of motivation, energy and cognitive processes

The best thing you can do for yourself and, more importantly, others is questioning intake in the first place.


destigmatizing responsible cannabis use

Marijuana is not the devil. It never was nor will it ever be anything even remotely close to that in the future. We were born with a body that’s fully capable of consuming cannabis, so go ahead, utilize the functions of your endocannabinoid systems to stay in control of our own life. This doesn’t have to be a difficult and/or stigmatized decision for us as more support comes out for this wonderful, healing plant. In an age where performance is everything and more is expected of us, it’s no surprise that our minds and bodies are pushed to uncomfortable and often harmful limits. This day and age calls for maximum human efficiency and productivity, so it’s only natural for stress and anxiety to follow. The career challenges, hectic schedules, parenting demands, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance all start to stack up, we get it.

If you’ve yet to find a remedy that sticks and want to know how to proceed with using cannabis as a treatment option, we recommend you peep our tutorial on how to get your medical card and go from there.