Returns Policy

All product returns due to defects can be returned within 30 days of the initial delivery date and be issued as a credit towards their next order, No Exceptions. All returned product needs to be physically received and processed at the production facility prior to the credit being issued. 

Credits and Discounts

PuraEarth does not offer exchanges, discounts, refunds or anything other than a store credit towards the customer’s next order.  


All Dispensaries are on 7 day terms or less.  Approved partnered dispensaries may have extended terms.


All events and specials need to be approved by the Promotions Manager prior to the scheduling of any event.  If the account rep is looking for run an event, a minimum of 2 weeks is needed to plan accordingly.

Credits due to Customer Discounts

The maximum amount of credits issued to an account due to an event or special ran will come in the form of a credit towards 50% of the money the account lost on a wholesale level.  (i.e. Account bought a product for $50 and sold it for $100.  A 50% Discount was issued to the customer meaning $50 was discounted.  The max available credit issued to the account would be 25% of the amount discounted meaning the max amount of credit issued would be $12.50)

Credits due to Customer Returns

Accepted returns will come with a credit issued to the account based on the wholesale price sold to the account.  (i.e. Account bought 1 Palm stick for $11 and a customer returns it. PuraEarth will issue a $11 credit if the product qualifies for credit)