PuraEarth produces the highest quality and cleanest cartridges on the market, making it a truly Craft Cannabis Cartridge.  

We use industry-standard CCELL technology cartridges to ensure our patients consume our product safely.

Our oil is produced in-house and exclusively for PuraEarth.  Each cartridge contains THC distillate, CBD distillate and steam distilled terpenes.  Our distillate, on average, tests between 85% – 95% pure THC and contains on average 85% – 95% cannabinoids.


PuraEarth’s RSO is widely considered the highest quality RSO in the State of Arizona.

Pura’s RSO comes in either Full Spectrum THC or Full Spectrum 1:1 THC:CBD and is the highest quality in the state because we have perfected the ability to purify and produce a product that contains the most authentic and best representation of the Cannabis Plant.

Simply put, it is the purest form of the plant, besides the plant itself.


Our THC distillate is produced in-house and exclusively for PuraEarth.  Each syringe contains 1000mg of THC distillate to be used in multiple ways.

The distillate in our syringes may be used with flower, consumed orally or vaporized directly, making our THC distillate syringes the most versatile product PuraEarth offers to any patients seeking alternative methods. 

(RAW THC distillate syringe does not contain any terpenes)

Pearl Battery

The PuraEarth Pearl Battery is the perfect pairing to Pura’s Craft Cannabis Cartridges. These batteries deliver the perfect amount of volts and amps to ensure you get the largest vapor cloud and the smoothest tasting draw without destroying any of the delicate steam distilled terpenes inside the cartridge.


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