All product returns due to product defects and customer returns can be returned within 30 days of the initial delivery date and will be issues as a credit towards your next order.  All returned product needs to be physically received and processed at PuraEarth’s production facility prior to a credit being issued.

Accepted returns will come with a credit issued to the account based on the wholesale price sold to the account.  (i.e. Account bought 1 Product for $11 and a customer returns it.  PuraEarth will issue a $11 credit if the product qualifies for return.

PuraEarth does not offer exchanges, discounts, refunds or anything other than a store credit towards a customer’s next order.

All orders either need to their be COD (Cash on Delivery) or on 7 day terms.  Approved Dispensary Partners may have extended terms.

All credits for customer discounts must be submitted to our online credit submission form within 14 days of the discount being applied.
Split Credits are calculated by multiplying the % discount given to the customer  by the wholesale cost of the product and splitting the result in half. Half will be covered by PuraEarth and the other half credited to the account (i.e. Account bought a product for $50 and sold it for $100.  A 25% Discount was issued to the customer.  The credit issued to the account would be 25% Discount x $50 Wholesale cost = $12.50 / 2 = $6.25 Credit to Account and $6.25 absorbed by PuraEarth)



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